Giuseppe and Mamie Dichiara arrived in the United States from Sicily in 1939 with their young daughters and son. They settled in Houston, Texas, where they had family. Mamie brought with her many traditional Sicilian dishes.

One of our favorites is OLIVE SCACIATI hand-cracked marinated olives. Every holiday season, Giuseppe and Mamie would hand-crack the olives and marinate them with their special blend of spices. Family and friends always looked for them on the holiday table.

Twenty-plus years ago, Michael & Antoinette Dichiara and Vincent & Frances Quartaro started a small business producing their mother’s recipe. They presented them at the Nutcracker Market in Houston, Texas with rave reviews earning the Blue Ribbon award several times. Soon thereafter, they started producing their TRADITIONAL & SPICY ITALIAN SAUSAGE from an old Italian recipe.

Not just for the holidays anymore, Joe Dichiara and Donna Listi are carrying on the family tradition by offering their family’s olives and sausage year around.